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Clab - Pigpen Vs Vinstigator Clab - Pigpen Vs Vinstigator

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Got asked to drop a vote on this, and after a few listens, I can't come up with a winner. I'm sorry. So here's some of my impressions that led me to that conclusion.
Pigpen: Pigpen has a slow lazy flow, and that's not necessarily something I'm going to punish him for. it's his style. It's casual and smooth and I don't have a problem with it. He switches up his cadence a good amount and is substantially more entertaining than most from his presentation alone. The problem in this battle was definitely his motivation. The fat punches went long, but they were clever. The flips were clever.

Vinstigator: Basically, Vince's strengths were Pigpen's weaknesses, but vice versa as well. Vinstigator has a solid flow and rode the beat well and put some genuine emotion into his delivery. The punches need to be more creative. I appreciate and give credit to all the rebuttal attempts, but they need to be more clever than just, "fat jokes were weak". Use some wordplay and your content will really be solid.

That being said, Pigpen wins on content, but Vince was punching more. Vince wins on flow, but Pigpen varied cadence more. I'm stumped.

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MDJ vs Teqneek MDJ vs Teqneek

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Game of inches. Teq's strenths were Mark's weaknesses and vice versa. Mark had the most clever line of the battle with the drop the T and eek part, and overall his flow was better than I've heard of him in the past, and Teq put on a multifest.
Pros and Cons:
Mark: pros: good flow, sounded more comfortable in the beat, a few clever angles and wordplay. cons: punches were pretty generic in spots, drawing attention to a battle Teq won, wack/track/back is the most overused rhyme scheme in hip hop, a little too casual.
Teq: pros-some nice multi schemes that managed to stay on topic. more energy/enthusiasm.
weaknesses: good amount of filler and self praise, overuse of multis, overuse of the intro to gain favor.
Truthfully, this battle shouldn't give anyone bragging rights because it was pretty much equal. No one got bodybagged. But since I have to vote, I'd pretty much duplicate most of what Wyze said and lean towards Teq in an otherwise tie vote just based on effort, execution and showmanship.

Travel Well Travel Well

Rated 5 / 5 stars

good to see you back, mah dude! hot as always.

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GloineFiodh responds:

FLEX!!! Good looking, check the tape!

CLAB - Senator vs Scuare CLAB - Senator vs Scuare

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I actually hate to vote on this because I think you guys both have styles that I really like and I'd rather not be involved in choosing who wins. It's obviously very close and you guys both put in quality tracks every battle.

I tried to give a bunch of listens.

SJD 1: Dope. I like the aggressive approach and delivery. Some real gems that may have gone over people's heads including the first lines about doubling his tracks and taking the square root, (his single raw track) and having nothing there. Liked the Atmosphere/kilogram ambien/vomit line. A nice twist on your take on Scuare's style, which basically translates in this line to Atmosphere but less energetic and less polished. Good shit. Liked the complexity of 08 Obama/Dolce Gabbana scheme. Appreciate the integrity reference tied into the name spelling. Overall, another example of SJD as the ultimate showman.

Scuare: the obvious/lobbyist/audience opener was a real nice, well-delivered personal punch. good lines dedicated to breaking down sjd's character. good integrity flip with the tit pic reference. Not sure about the mirror/career line, get the concept, but punch was simplistic. mean reference to gimmicks and the kill bill battle. hot shit.

SJD: good recovery from the tit pic right from jump, and with style. good rebuttal on scuares attacks on your career. The Abercrombie and Wiz references could be hot, but I feel like you already touched on that with the Dolce Gabbana and Atmosphere angle and I would have liked a fresh angle. Appreciate the bottle metaphor, but I also think you wasted a couple bars saying that he didn't hurt you and explaining you were attacking, when those two bars could have been punches. Physical appearance attacks mixed with aggressive self-praise to close. Energy off the charts.

Scuare: Consistency bars about modeling nice (reminded me of my battle against Cynic), good call outs in the first 4 bars. good call out that bullying mods doesn't make you tough, and a good job of mockery. good dub hop/pop comparison but rhyme scheme pretty simplistic. took the "I'm not looking for fame and you are" angle, and it went over well. Really liked the 08 Obama/McCain flip at the end, proper closer for sure.

And now I'm back here, still struggling to decide a clear cut winner. Here's the basics of how I feel.

Flow: I liked SJD better. Aggressive. Gritty. More technical and animated. Scuare was beasting too, but there were moments when the energy came down too far for my taste, and the fast triplets with a lot of words too common. I've liked SJD's style from the start and I'd be eager to listen to anything he put out.

Content: This is where Scuare shines. Personal character-exposing punches, straight to the point without as much artistry, but the impression of the words is lasting to compensate. SJD had some of my favorite lines in the battle though, including that Atmosphere line...If it was a boxing match, it would be like Scuare is finding his mark with punches, but then SJD is jabbing his way into a monster haymaker every round that's gonna be memorable. I also felt like SJD was at a disadvantage in this department because of his constant exposure on the boards, whereas Scuare is more reclusive and it's HARD to battle someone who doesn't have a lot of dirt to be dug up. Then when Scuare goes second when he's the one with all the dirt, it's advantageous too.

So sheeeit. Logic won't make this an easier choice. Who do I feel like is a better rapper? SJD. Who do I feel like had a better battle? Scuare. But as my criteria has always gone, I'd have to go with content over showmanship in a battle so based on general principle and complete uncertainty, I'll give this battle to Scuare.
Battles like this are exactly why I don't show up to vote lately. It's just too hard to make a choice that I feel confident about beyond doubts. Just know I've got the utmost respect for both of your skills and regardless of who wins, just remember there's a lot of politics involved in the voting and keep doing your thing. Good show, and best of luck to both of you.

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CLAB - Suddle vs Senator CLAB - Suddle vs Senator

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Props to both of you for doing it big.

Suddle: classic flow, clean and consistent and I thought the slow, chill first round then build up to the next was a good strategy given this beat. there weren't a whole lot of punches, even though you mentioned the name "John" a few times, the punches weren't necessarily exclusive to him. I laughed at the 'suck ass' lines even though they weren't personal. The first round seemed like some great, yet impersonal lines sandwiched between personals on the bookends.

Suddle's second verse was fucking savage in terms of delivery. Rebuttals galore along with an obvious ability to ride a beat beyond just spitting verses. Suddle's flow and dynamics kept me listening, and it was definitely the highlight of his performance. I felt like the punches were introduced well, punchlines sometimes lacked a payoff. The cricket line was reminiscent of the one Kill Bill used in the side battle. Overall though, it's obvious that Suddle can rap his ass off and deserves to be here.

Senator came in with rebuttals and punches consistently. I didn't like the approach he took to this beat, it seemed like he was forcing his aggressive style onto it instead of adapting to it. Some really sketchy rhyme schemes. feedback/ fix that, chode off/football, (?) It almost seemed like he took a more spoken word approach to his first verse, I don't mind a couple non-rhyme lines, but there were too many in there for my taste. Some good spins on homonyms, though with references to Suddle throughout and the punches kept coming.

Senator's second verse was consistent with his first one. Appreciated the constant attacks and trademark charisma, since this is a battle. However, a big booo for talking about how Suddle's only friends when he was in school were gurgle farts (or something)....then proceeding to go on a rant about how he was betrayed and doesn't have any friends. However, that was in the outro, so I won't count that as the 16.

Boxing scores:
Round 1:
Flow: Suddle 10-8
Content: Senator: 10-8

Round 2:
Flow: Suddle 10-9
Content: Senator 10-9

Since this is a battle, I'll have to give this one to SJD by a inch because of consistency and battle readiness and a minor deduction to Suddle for lateness; this battle is so close that it matters. Both of you guys have come scary good this whole time and this could have been the final match in a different bracket. Looking forward to hearing more from both of you.

CLAB - Emrox vs Richard CLAB - Emrox vs Richard

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Good effort from Emrox, came up with some decent punches. Outclassed pretty severely though. RJA for the win.

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CLAB - Blest vs Byron CLAB - Blest vs Byron

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Another rough call, obviously.
I liked Blest's flow better, but I felt like Byron's attacks and rebuttals were real personal whereas Blest's attacks were a little more generic this round. My vote has to go to Byron based on more appropriate battle content.

That being said, Byron, he rapped fast better than you, more on beat with you, and with more style. Don't model yourself as a fast rapper just for the sake of doing it. You have a style that is so over-enunciated that you sound like the guy that says all the side effects of medication commercials. It might be impressive that you can get through the line, but you're in a rap battle and you've gotta do it with some style to be appreciated for it.

Blest: I just need more personal attacks and rebuttals, the flow is tight.

Clab - Pigpen Vs Teqneek Clab - Pigpen Vs Teqneek

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Real solid battle. Really too close to call, but I'll try and break it down.

Pig V1: Entertainment value high from "u' in win. Variation of cadence appreciated like in "kissy under the guillotine.". Overall an entertaining verse. Batlle over easy like eggs, good. tekneeq he's so beneath me, nice rhyme. decent punch inbred skinhead. diluted himself gonna reach suddle, not so great. don't like the doubling up on skinhead angle back to back, took the wind out from your sails. Good wordplay recovery with there will be a tech in ya. Don't like the closer. Sending ghosts: good. Reference to what has been turned into a disney movie: bad.
Teq V2: Slow start with the bracket/wackness line, but I like the aggressive approach. The mailman flip wasn't a flip since saying pigs the son of the mailman rhymes, but isn't relevant to what pig said.Savagely scramble a mans jaw/handle a man's balls, nice rhyme. Nice punch with "teqneekality" since Mav dropped out. Ooooh, though. don't congratulate him. Shitty animation, kony guy was a little impersonal.Dork talentless/anthropomorphic phalluses might be a good punch, I haven't dug around pigs page to know if it's legit or generic, but I shouldn't have to. another cartoon reference. didn't like ending your verse on a reference I have no clue about.

Verse 2 Pig: Pigs casual approach to the question followed by an aggressive attack opens with a bang. Trash/ass...pretty simple follow up. Red neck, white hick, right click, nice attempt at personal and the overdub explaining the save as. I'm not on the boards so I don't know if Teq lost a file or something, so that one went over my head. Compared/legic/disses burn/flip for shit. I'll give a little credit because I did think the flips were a little weak, but the line could have been delivered better. Real clever to turn the gay joke around and not give a fuck, it negated a lot of Teqneek's punches. It wouldn't work for most people, but Pig has never given a shit, so I felt like it was a good time for him to take that angle. Decent kony/kids flip. Nice teqneekality twist with the finishing fatality.

Teq Verse 2: I liked the plagiarism approach, but you plagiarized him too, and probably moreso with that "I'm from VA and I shave my head, damn!" line, whereas even when he called himself joseph kony and you a little kid, it was a reference to kids(you) being slaughtered and mutilated by kony (him). Nice punch with umbrella because of Pigs relaxed flow. Narcoleptic amateur internet troll swine works, nice rhyme. Don't like the return to his animation, we've traveled that road. Nice with battle rapping bacon and ham sammich. Nice xanax reference to slow, would have liked it with the umbrella reference. Closer is too reminiscent to the Nimbus 3 little pigs line against Pigpen last year.

I put an hour into listening to this to give you both a fair shot, and I'd initially want overtime. I'd say Pig got round 1 and Teq got round 2. However, since we're trying to break a close match, I'd go with Pig because of overall showmanship and entertainment. Teqneeks flow was more complex, but it got monotonous with the consistent iambic pentameter bounciness whereas Pig put some personality in it. One of the more important issues is that Pig got to pick a beat that worked for his flow, and the slow rap felt more appropriate for this beat, So today it's Pigpen. Good luck to both, I'm sure whoever wins will show up with fierce shit next round.

Kill Bill v Senator Dean Kill Bill v Senator Dean

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I'm not voting on this one since it's not a part of the comp, but this shit was entertaining as fuck. Bill, the punches make all the difference, you are immediately mean as hell. SJD, the charisma and flow is on another level. This is championship shit right here. I wish every battle beat could be like this one, as well, love that ominous beat, constantly building up intensity. Newgrounds for the win.

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Clab - Suddle Vs Xst@tyk Clab - Suddle Vs Xst@tyk

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Boxing scores:
Suddle 10-8
Suddle 10-9
Suddle 10-8
XST@TYK...if you can't afford a pop filter than buy some panty hose and string them to a clothes hanger. Your clipping was unbearable.

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