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pero la pelicula necessita subtitulos! Mayoria de la gente aqui solo habla ingles!

somezombie responds:

Gracias! En la descripciĆ³n dice que la version en ingles esta en mi perfil :)

wild, crude, inappropriate.

it should do just fine around these parts.
i had some beefy laughs indeed.

thank goodness this made the front page

i might have never seen it based on the political voting nonsense that happens here on submission days. this cracked me up.

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Great remake while maintaining the integrity of the original. I'll be on the lookout to see what you come up with next!

i broke them fools off.

for some reason the space bar wasn't working as a block for me on my laptop, who knows why. Seems to work for other people so maybe i should try it on another computer. other than that it was tight. good graphics, fun gameplay, good voice acting. properzzzzzzzz.

haha, nice!

Since I am a fan of random ridiculous humor, this gets an A plus from me.

YoinK responds:

you beat the game! very nice! :)

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Got asked to drop a vote on this, and after a few listens, I can't come up with a winner. I'm sorry. So here's some of my impressions that led me to that conclusion.
Pigpen: Pigpen has a slow lazy flow, and that's not necessarily something I'm going to punish him for. it's his style. It's casual and smooth and I don't have a problem with it. He switches up his cadence a good amount and is substantially more entertaining than most from his presentation alone. The problem in this battle was definitely his motivation. The fat punches went long, but they were clever. The flips were clever.

Vinstigator: Basically, Vince's strengths were Pigpen's weaknesses, but vice versa as well. Vinstigator has a solid flow and rode the beat well and put some genuine emotion into his delivery. The punches need to be more creative. I appreciate and give credit to all the rebuttal attempts, but they need to be more clever than just, "fat jokes were weak". Use some wordplay and your content will really be solid.

That being said, Pigpen wins on content, but Vince was punching more. Vince wins on flow, but Pigpen varied cadence more. I'm stumped.

Game of inches. Teq's strenths were Mark's weaknesses and vice versa. Mark had the most clever line of the battle with the drop the T and eek part, and overall his flow was better than I've heard of him in the past, and Teq put on a multifest.
Pros and Cons:
Mark: pros: good flow, sounded more comfortable in the beat, a few clever angles and wordplay. cons: punches were pretty generic in spots, drawing attention to a battle Teq won, wack/track/back is the most overused rhyme scheme in hip hop, a little too casual.
Teq: pros-some nice multi schemes that managed to stay on topic. more energy/enthusiasm.
weaknesses: good amount of filler and self praise, overuse of multis, overuse of the intro to gain favor.
Truthfully, this battle shouldn't give anyone bragging rights because it was pretty much equal. No one got bodybagged. But since I have to vote, I'd pretty much duplicate most of what Wyze said and lean towards Teq in an otherwise tie vote just based on effort, execution and showmanship.

good to see you back, mah dude! hot as always.

GloineFiodh responds:

FLEX!!! Good looking, check the tape!

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digging the coloring and perspective of the bottom screen, all are boss.

MindChamber responds:

thanks G!


This shit is amazing, Stamp. For real. Your sense of color and depth are second to none.

When you lack brains, the facts change.

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