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Posted by MadFLeX - February 13th, 2012

Thanks to all those who have been so supportive. If you're interested in keeping up with me and my hip hop adventures, feel free to head to these links.
MadFLeX Facebook Artist Page
MadFLeX Twitter Page

I'm gonna be taking some time to get the album together. Talk to you soon!

Posted by MadFLeX - October 19th, 2010

I'd love if you checked out my Halloween Special.
Been working on it for a long time.

Posted by MadFLeX - October 8th, 2010

I started in in 2008 and didn't finish.
I started again in 2009 and didn't finish.
Now it's 2010. Doneski. Coming soon.

A MadFLeX Halloween 2010

Posted by MadFLeX - December 30th, 2009

Hey guys.
Thanks for all the feedback on Contempt of Courtship, I'm glad a lot of you liked it. I just submitted Honorable to the audio portal. It's one of my favorite songs and it's the one we always close with. It's pretty different from the screaming or pop punk stuff in the other two, a lotta singing and more power ballady if that's your thing.
Thanks for stoppin in.=D

Posted by MadFLeX - December 7th, 2009

In the midst of getting some flash work done and working out all the kinks and virii destroying my website, I figured I'd drop a couple of my band's songs in the audio portal. If you're into metalish/punkish/rockish style music, consider giving it a listen.

The band is called Aratic, the album: Of Tempests and Tranquility (2008)

Contempt of Courtship (punk)

To Whom It Won't Concern ( hard rock)


Posted by MadFLeX - November 13th, 2009

So I've been working on some Flash, and doing some animating and beating the hell out of the website preparing to submit my first flash in ...oh, 5 years and I finally have my website moving with some interactive social networking. Wanna see? Head over to madflex.com and sign up. You can doodle in your profile page and leave status updates and once I get it moving you'll be able to leave comments and all that other glorious sheezwax.


Visit and sign up. And then wait, cause it's not done.

Posted by MadFLeX - October 23rd, 2009

Crap. Ben, you were my partner in crime. I'm really gonna miss you.

For those of you who don't know, Ben Spurgin, creator of some of the most popular games and movies on NG including Pimp's Quest (formerly the #1 Flash on NG's all time list), Stick Slayer and Power of the Geek died on October 13th. We were the same age, we got into flash at the same time and we were always busy bouncing ideas off of each other for our upcoming projects.

For many years, Ben and I were making movie after movie and sharing exposure on each others websites as affiliates and even giving each other cameos in our Flashes. As for mine, you'll find Ben in the Bay Area Blackouts series, Shore Acres 1 (in the Riverview quad) Shore Acres 2, (the owner of the Spurgin's Sturgeon boatride, as well as a Hooch Pandersnatch cameo in Karaoke Clarence. Ben was cool enough to throw me in Pimp's Quest as the guy in the beginning of the game who tells you to get out of town because you smoked Rudy Youngblood.

I was proud to know Ben. He was passionate about everything he did, from Flash to music to Roller Derby and beyond. He pushed the envelope with the brilliant idea of Stick Slayer and Power of the Geek in a time when NG was just getting started.

Ben had opinions that people may not have shared, but he was truly one of the nicest people I've ever met. Even in my early days he was always supportive of my work and I'll never forget how inspiring and talented he was. I still am shocked at the emotions his flash can inspire. Everytime I watch Mission to the Men's Room, (still one of my favorite flashes) it makes me have to pee.=)

I can't say enough about the guy. As for me, I will really miss him, and I hope everyone on NG, whether you liked him or not, can appreciate the risks he took as an artist and the effort and purpose he put in his works.

RIP Ben, you'll always be with me.

Posted by MadFLeX - February 27th, 2009

Well, I'm not dead. In fact I'm making a little game. Actually, it's a very, very big game.

For the last 2 months, I have taken flash ridiculously seriously. Some of you have played Shore Acres 1 and 2; I'm remaking the first one in high definition, and the game is in the process of being 10X bigger. The original game had about 4 screens for Brian's House and Nick's House....at this point in development, There are 38 screens in those two houses alone.

The gameplay and dialogue will be improved, the art substantially improved after multiple Photoshop workshops, and there will be so many additional features, I can't possibly name them all, but for example, there will be missions, more items and multi-direction character movement. The highlight
of the game will be a feature called Transportation Chests, that will be revealed when the game comes out! I hope you're all ready to give it alook, I'll be putting months and months worth of hard work to it.

Here's a shot from one of the screens.
See you all soon.

Shore Acres HD RPG.